The Provincial Officers Lodge and Chapter meetings are always worth attending to sense the friendship and camaraderie that permeates the Province. The meetings are well attended, the ritual spot on and the social board both fun and thought-provoking.
The meeting of 3747 Chapter on the 10thOctober was no exception. The Goulburn Meeting Room was pleasantly full and because it was a Chapter event, amazingly colourful.
Three chain bearers: The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Sir David Trippier; the 2ndProvincial Grand Principal, Harvey Basger; and the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Martin Roche; were present which lent both gravitas and even more colour to the meeting.
It was the installation and an excellent ceremony was conducted by EComp Eddie Barlow, Z of the Chapter, who’s delivery was faultless and his sincerity overt. He installed EComp Len Hayes into the Z’s chair. EComp Russell Conn, H of the Chapter, installed EComp David Hudson as Haggai, and EComp Ian Hunter , J of the Chapter installed EComp LLwyd Thomas as Joshua.
EComp Hayes found himself slightly embarrassed by his choice of stewards, some of whom were extremely tall (EComp Hayes is not!), but the mirth this induced just emphasised that great ritual and informal friendship can be blended to the benefit of a Masonic meeting.
13 Joining members were successfully balloted for, and a collection (that raised well in excess of £300) made for Masonic Charities.
The Social Board was a huge success thanks to the organisation of the Scribe E EComp David Basger, (the highlight of the meal being undoubtedly the dessert, bread and butter pudding) who was congratulated by MEGS during his response.
The theme of MEGS response was “Sharing the Work” to grab the interest of new Companions and induct them into the way of the Royal Arch.
The social board was closed by the Janitor EComp Ian Ronson.
Not a good evening, a great evening.