The Royal Arch Province of East Lancashire.

When you first had aspirations of becoming a Freemason, do you recall at your interview whether the Holy Royal Arch and the “Members Pathway” were mentioned to you? I certainly hope they were, and I trust that since then the Royal Arch has featured within your Lodge environment with information being made available to you by the Lodge Royal Arch Representative, the Royal Arch District Officer (RADO) or by the Brethren in your Lodge that wear the Royal Arch jewel as part of their Craft regalia.


You will be aware that the organisation you have joined, properly known as the United Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of England, consists of two distinct though sister Orders, the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch. The Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent heads both Orders.  I head both Orders in the Province of East Lancashire.


The Royal Arch is a beautiful and colourful ceremony and importantly, it builds upon the story you heard during your 3rd degree ceremony. However, having been Raised to the 3rd Degree you have, as the Past Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes said, only watched three of a four-part series and as such you are left not knowing the full story. The narrative, subsequently explained in the Royal Arch ceremony of exaltation, completes that story. There are many Chapters available to you, whether within the Masonic building you presently attend for Craft meetings, in a different hall or in a different Area of the Province, where you will have the chance to create new Masonic friendships. You might consider joining one of our many ‘Daytime’ Chapters.

There would be many opportunities for you to participate too.  Many of our Chapters are taking on board the suggestion of dividing up the ceremonies thereby offering the chance for you to become involved as much, or as little, as you would like.

For additional information please contact your Lodge Royal Arch Representative, each Lodge has one. You could also speak with any of your Lodge members that wear the Royal Arch jewel at Craft meetings. You may also wish to explore the PGLEL website for further information.

May I urge you consider joining the Royal Arch when the time is right for you. Whenever you decide, you would be warmly received and made to feel most welcome.

I look forward to you taking that next and very important step in your Masonic journey.

Robert Frankl

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent


Royal Arch Officers
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