Two City East Freemasons assisted Western Area Joint Convocation at UNANIMITY CHAPTER No 42 at Bury. Flying Officer W.Bro Dave GREEN of East Lancs Centurion Lodge and W.Bro  Captain Ed BEAMAN of the same Lodge played the roles of POWS at the event.

Ed and Dave are both members of Derby Chapter 1055 and they were asked to assist in playing the role of POWS to recreate a meeting of St George Chapter 1152, one of three Chapters to hold meetings in CHANGI POW camp Singapore during WW2.

Dave played the role of J and Ed Ex Companion B Lowick who gave the speech to the companions informing them how Freemasonry had assisted so many Prisoners in the camp and how they should be proud of their efforts.

The prisoners took a tremendous risk in having meetings and recording them , if the Japanese had discovered them, it would have entailed severe punishment.. At one stage the Chapter had 21 Janitors to keep the Chapter safe.

Although captive the Companions thought themselves ” Damaged but not broken”.
All three Chapters that met at the camp , St Georges, Selangor 2337, and Negri Sembilan 3552 still exist and have large memberships 

Despite hardship and extreme brutality at the camp the men’s spirt was not broken . Companionship, brotherhood and unity shone bright in the face of adversity with regards to Royal Arch Freemasonry.