On 29 April 2024 at Rochdale Masonic Hall, a meeting expanding on Archway was held. A Provincial team came to Rochdale to present to our Lodge Royal Arch Representatives (LRARs), Royal Arch Area Officers (RAAO’s), Chapter Mentors and Scribe E’s.

This was a very important event for the Province focusing on key strategic issues designed to extend the experience of our Companions and Chapters whilst demonstrating the value of joining the Royal Arch to complete a Master Mason’s entry into the secrets of Antient Freemasonry.

The presentation was opened with a brief introduction by Deputy Grand Superintendant for East Lancashire, EComp Paul G Bowen PAGSoj.

Next to the floor was our Second Provincial Grand Principal for East Lancashire, EComp Tony Freemont PGStB. Tony gave an introductory history lesson into the Royal Arch. A discussion into what is Archway and gave a further talk in the purpose and value of Archway. Tony then proceeded to give a demonstration of Archway.

Following Tony of the floor was Comp Robert Ashton ProvGMentor and EComp Mo Afsa APGP, who led a talk on mentoring in the Royal Arch.

EComp Steve Boyle APGP also talked about Archway and communications within the Royal Arch.

Finally, Tony took to the floor for a final time to complete the talk on how the Province will help you to use Archway. The session was completed by a questions and answers opportunity for those in attendance to bring have their questions answered.

The evening was brought to a close with a few thanks from WBro John Curry APGM, to all those that made tonight possible.

To learn more about Archway, visit https://b.ugle.org.uk/membership/archway