Archway: A new resource for Royal Arch Chapters, is now live.

Archway is designed for Royal Arch Chapters to help shape their future, grow their membership and enhance their member’s experience. It is based on extensive research of what members want—and what works well in successful, thriving Chapters across our Constitution.

Many of the challenges that Chapters face are different to Lodges. Archway is therefore not a simple translation of the Members’ Pathway into the Royal Arch, and so has been developed separately. However, some of the challenges are similar.

Archway aims to help Chapters become more vibrant and more enjoyable, so that every Companion looks forward to their next meeting with enthusiasm. Resources to enhance understanding of the Royal Arch are also provided along with advice for attracting new members, and for supporting every member of the Chapter.

You can access Archway at


Building on the past, looking to the future

This section tackles the fundamental question of “How do we shape and plan the future of our Chapter?”

It will help each Chapter review their current situation, identify new opportunities, and spot potential issues before planning to move forward.


Helping more people continue their journey

This section tackles the question “How do we grow our Chapter?”

Building on the plans made within “SHAPE” it addresses how you can create the right environment for growth and promote the Chapter.



Participation is the essence of a good Chapter

This section highlights what can be done to engage all Companions, not only in the ceremonial aspects of their Chapter but the Royal Arch as a whole. This can take many different forms, suiting some more than others. However, it is based on the principle that involved members are active members, who then stay members.


Happy have we met!

This section is linked to many aspects of the previous sections. It has a particular focus on using the results of the review tool at the start of the SHAPE section to maximise each members enjoyment.  ENJOY represents a successful outcome of Archway and of a healthy Chapter. Remember, happy members usually come back and want to remain involved.