The Three Principals, the Provincial and District Delegations and visitors

The Joint Convocation of the Chapters in the Burnley and Pendle District was hosted by Ashlar Chapter on Monday the 11th April 2016, and saw the Lodge room at Nelson House, Burnley almost full to capacity with 64 Companions signing the Janitors attendance book.

The MEZ, EComp David I Livesey, opened the Chapter and following the completion of the normal business of the Chapter announced that the next item of business was to Exalt Bro Christopher Wilson.
A report was received and the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, EComp David Bristol, was admitted and announced that the Second Provincial Grand Principal, EComp David H Thompson, PAGSoj, accompanied by the Third Provincial Grand Principal, EComp the Rev’d David Halford, PGStB, along with the APGM for the Northern area, EComp John R Farrington, PGStB, and a Provincial Delegation was outside the door of the Chapter and that he demanded admission. The Companions stood to order while the Second Provincial Grand Principal and other distinguished Companions entered the Chapter in processional order.
At the direction of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies the Companions present saluted the Second Provincial Grand Principal in due form.
The MEZ then welcomed the Second Provincial Grand Principal to Ashlar Chapter and offered him the First Principals Sceptre. EComp Thompson expressed his thanks to the MEZ saying it was always an honour to be offered the Sceptre but as both he and the MEZ had work to do, on this occasion he would return it to the MEZ. The MEZ said that he had hoped that EComp Thompson would have retained the Sceptre for an hour or so, EComp Thompson replied saying that “if he believed that, he probably still believed in Father Christmas”.
EComp Thompson then introduced the members of the Provincial Delegation and members of the Burnley and District team.

The Three Principals with Companion Wilson and the Provincial Delegation

As is usual at hosted meetings Companions from visiting Chapters occupied the various offices.

Assisting the MEZ were:

Haggai EComp Ian Bell Huntroyd Chapter IP No 6385
Joshua EComp Stephen Holcroft Red Rose of Lancashire No 9640
IPZ EComp John L Wilkinson Cana Chapter No 116
Scribe Ezra EComp Robert H Parsons Ashlar Chapter No 4858
Scribe Nehemiah EComp Bob Allen Nativity No 126
Principal Sojourner EComp Jeff Bradshaw Borough & Thursby Chapter No 1064
1st Ass Soj EComp Arthur Cassidy Red Rose of Lancaster No 1504
2nd Ass Soj EComp Steve Jansen Nelso Chapter No 2193
Janitor EComp Donald Bright Abbey Chapter No 2529

An alarm was received and on the direction of the MEZ, the Principal Sojourner retired to entrust the Candidate. Bro Wilson was subsequently admitted and Exalted into Royal Arch Masonry in what, particularly considering the variation in ritual usually used by the acting Officers, was an absolutely outstanding ceremony particularly considering the variation in ritual usually used by the acting Officers, was an absolutely outstanding ceremony.

The Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals with EComp David Livesey Z, EComp Ian Bell H, EComp Stephen Holcroft J and Companion Christopher Wilson

Having retired to restore himself to his personal comforts Companion Wilson was re-admitted and the signs of a Royal Arch Mason were explained and demonstrated by EComp Kevin Horne, PGStB, following which our new Companion was conducted to a seat in the Chapter.
The MEZ then took the opportunity to thank all the acting Officers for their efforts which had contributed to such a wonderful ceremony.
The Provincial Director of Ceremonies then asked EComp Thompson if he wished to retire along with the Provincial Delegation and our newly Exalted Companion, Christopher Wilson. EComp Thompson having given his assent, the Provincial Director of Ceremonies formed a retiral procession and the
Second Provincial Grand Principal, EComp David H Thompson, accompanied by other esteemed Companions retired to the acclaim of the remaining Companions.

The Three Principals, Companion Wilson and the Companions of Ashlar Chapter

At the first and second risings the Chapter Scribe E reported that there were no further communications from Supreme Grand Chapter or Provincial Grand Chapter.
At the third and fourth risings greetings were given on behalf the visitors from………

Cana 116 Nativity 126 Loyal Todmorden 219
Limestone Rock 369 Hutchinson 381 Borough & Thursby 1064
Red Rose of Lancaster 1504 Nelson 2193 Abbey 2529
Sincerity 3120 Huntroyd 1st Principals 6358 Red Rose of Lancashire 9640

The Chapter was then closed in due form and the Companions retired to the social board.
The social board room was almost at capacity with the Companions treated to a super three course meal of Prawn Cocktail, Roast Beef with all the trimmings followed by Strawberry Cheesecake.
The speeches were all well received with our newly Exalted Companion receiving the approbation of all present for his response to the toast to his health. The Second Provincial Grand Principal, EComp David Thompson then presented Companion Wilson with a booklet for newly Exalted Companions.
The companions departed having enjoyed taking part in a rather splendid evening of Royal Arch Masonry and one that Companion Wilson will never forget.