The Deputy Provincial Grand Superintendent with the Cana Chapter Principals and the Provincial Officers

On Wednesday 26thSeptember 2018 the Principals and Companions of Cana Chapter No 116 welcomed the Deputy Grand Superintendent Excellent Companion Paul Rose, PGSwdB accompanied by the Second Provincial Grand Principal, Excellent Companion Harvey Basger, PAGSoj, the Third Provincial Grand Principal, Excellent Companion the Reverend David Halford, PGStdB, and other senior officers of the Province, including EComp David Dunn, PGStB, the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals in the Northern Area.
In a change from the normal protocol at such events, EComp Rose and the other Provincial Officers took their seats in the Chapter from the start in order to see the “distinctive, although not unique” opening ceremony of one of the oldest warranted Chapters in the constitution.
Following the opening, the MEZ, EComp Anthony Hindle, offered the First Principal’s Sceptre to EComp Rose who said whilst it was always a pleasure and a privilege to be offered the Sceptre of any Chapter, he was sure the Chapter would, on this occasion, be better served if he returned it to the First Principal.
EComp Rose was greeted by the Companions in due form and in reply he introduced the Provincial Deputation which included, to those already named, EComp Gerald Hodson, APGP, EComp Paul Bowen, APGP designate, EComp David Bristol, ProvGDC, EComp Andrew Taylor, ProvAGDC, and  EComp Jim Smith, ProvGJan.
WBro Michael Berry was then Exalted into Cana Chapter by the MEZ, ably assisted by the Officers of the Chapter.
The Second Provincial Grand Principal, EComp Harvey Basger, said it had been a pleasure to witness such a fine ceremony, offering his congratulations to the three Principals and all who had taken part, and in particular congratulated Comp Berry; he expressed his hope that Comp Berry would enjoy many happy years of Royal Arch Masonry in Cana Chapter.
At the Festive Board more than 30 Companions shared a most enjoyable occasion, enhanced by the excellent response given by Comp Berry to the toast to his health.
John Wilkinson