The Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals and the
Companions of Derby Chapter

On Wednesday 28 September there was hardly an empty seat at Radcliffe Masonic Hall when Derby Chapter celebrated 150 years since it’s consecration.
After the First Principal, EComp Roy Wilcock, accompanied by the Second and Third Principals, EComps David Wood and Gerald Russell, had completed the normal business of the chapter, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, EComp David Bristol was admitted.
EComp Bristol announced the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendent, EComp Paul M A Rose and a Provincial Deputation, who demanded admission and were welcomed by the First Principal.
The First Principal invited EComp Rose to accept his Sceptre and to take his chair, which he accepted. The Second and Third Principals invited the Provincial Second and Third Principals, EComp David Thompson and EComp The Revd David Halford like wise to accept their Sceptres and chairs.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals, the First, Second and Third Principals of Derby Chapter and the Members of the Provincial Deputation

After he had introduced the members of the deputation EComp Rose invited the Chapter Scribe E, EComp Melvyn L Taylor, to read a short history of the Chapter, which was well received by all present. It was then a total surprise to EComp Taylor when EComp Rose had the pleasure of promoting him to PProvGSwdB, an honour acclaimed by the companions present.

EComp Melvyn L Taylor is Congratulated by EComp Paul Rose

The Assistant Provincial Scribe E, EComp Andrew Holland, read the Celebration Certificate, which was then duly presented to the Chapter First Principal, EComp Wilcock.

First Principal EComp Roy Wilcock receives the Celebration Certificate from EComp Rose

An Oration was presented by The Third Provincial Grand Principal, EComp The Revd David Halford, which proved to be both interesting and inspiring.
The Deputy Grand Superintendent addressed the Chapter in a very amicable manner and did point out that for both himself and EComp Halford this was their first ‘outing’ in their respective new offices.  Neither had visited Radcliffe before and they were extremely pleased to be present on this very special occasion.
The First Principal, EComp Wilcock, was then delighted to present a cheque for the benefit of the ELMC to the value of ….. £1,055, which was duly accepted by EComp Rose.
Following the retirement of the Provincial Deputation the Three Principals brought to a close a very special and most enjoyable convocation.
The Social Board that followed was a first class opportunity for old friends to meet and chat over a glass of wine generously provided by the Chapter.

EComp David Thompson, the Second Provincial Grand Principal; EComp Paul Rose, Deputy Provincial Grand Superintendent and EComp The Revd David Halford, the Third Provincial Grand Principal