On Monday 4th December Middleton Masonic Hall was the venue for the half yearly meeting of the East Lancs Provincial Stewards Chapter No 8408. The evening was graced by the presence of the DeptGSupt, EComp Paul Rose and the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, EComp Harvey Basger who joined more than 60 companions for a happy convivial meeting.
The highlight of the meeting was a lecture entitled “The Temple of Zerubbabel” delivered in excellent fashion by EComp Peter Mason, the DeptGSupt for Cumberland & Westmoreland.
The 1st Principal, EComp Derek Smith thanked Comp Mason for his delivery which was greeted by rapturous applause by all
Also in the meeting the Chapter elected its three Principals for the ensuing year. EComp David Cowen as 1st Principal, EComp Mike Williams as 2nd and EComp Graeme Wilkinson as 3rd.
This is a fine Chapter and the social board was equal to the meeting for warmth and friendliness.

1st Principal elect, David Cowen