Explanation of the Royal Arch Jewel

This lecture begins by explaining the bottom scroll and then the two intersecting triangles said to denote fire and water. And then the third triangle within the two intersecting triangle.
Underneath these is the Triple Tau, one of the Royal Arch emblems. This signifies Hiram of Tyre, or Hiram Abif. It signifies also T H Templum Hierosolym – the Temple of Jerusalem.
The paper then explains the symbolism of the equilateral triangle which was revered by ancient nations denoting a Triad of Intelligence, of Deity and a Triune God. The Tetragrammaton, or incommunicable name was written by the Jews in a triangular form. Both it and the double triangle adopted as Royal Arch symbols.
The paper concludes by explaining the significance of the steps in the Royal Arch.