Why Royal, Why Holy and Why Arch?

By EComp Neville Barker Cryer -20 minutes
In this paper as suggested by its title NBC considers the reasons why this order is described as the Holy Royal Arch.
He begins by considering the nature of the work that is the subject of the ceremony of exaltation, and the place where much of the story unfolds namely holy work in a holy place and the holy nature of the object of our endeavour.
He then considers the Royal connection from the Royal Solomon and the temple that he established, from there to the significance of King Cyrus in our story, the influence of Moses himself a royal prince in orders that are associated epithet the Royal Arch and then to Zerrubabal and the members of the Grand Sanhedrin.
The paper finishes with a consideration of the importance of the Arch which plays an important role in our ceremonies as well as the arches which were an important feature of King Solomon’s temple.