Just where is it we meet ?

By EComp Neville Barker Cryer -27 minutes
In this paper NBC Considers the significance of many of the features we see around us in the Chapter room.
He begins by explaining the significance of the Banners which represent the tribes of Israel and how they are arranged in our Chapters as the tribes we’re arranged as they mourned, in the desert after the exodus from Egypt.
He then explains the significance of other features including the square and compasses, the pick shovel and crowbar, the pedestal and the colours of the Principals robes which represent the three coloured Veils of the Temple.
Finally, he puts into context the banners representing the man, the ox the eagle and the lion and the parts played by Zerrubabal, Haggai and Joshua in the return from Babylon and that of Ezra and Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the Temple.