Once a year, the East Lancs Royal Arch Presentation Team (ELRAPT) is permitted by UGLE to perform a Passing of the Veils Ceremony. To enable this to happen, and to maximise the opportunities for Companions to attend, one of our six Areas hosts the Veils Ceremony instead of a conventional Joint Convocation. The meeting is advertised widely across the Province to permit any Companion who wishes to attend.
This year, on the second of October,  the privilege of hosting this event went to Southern Area. The Ceremony was held at Ashton Masonic Hall, hosted by one of our oldest Chapters, The Chapter of Union No 268.
The Ceremony has evolved over the years and now includes a prefix and suffix written and performed by Dr Richard Johnson that puts the Veils Ceremony in context and explains why it is of particular importance to us in East Lancs.
The Chapter room at Ashton was packed and everyone enjoyed an evening of history within a modern framework.
More to come soon!