A very special day in the calendar for all East Lancashire Freemasons, but, for 11 companions from Audenshaw District it started with excitement and anticipation.

At the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter held at Blackburn on 19 March 2015, EComp William J Porter PGSwdB, retired as Deputy Grand Superintendent, a position he has held with distinction and affection since 2011.

11 Audenshaw Brethren Honoured

EComp Stephen Blank, PGSwdB was Installed as Deputy Grand Superintendent, and will without doubt receive the same level of support and respect afforded to EComp Porter. EComp Blank is held in great affection by Audenshaw District having served as our APGM with distinction for many years.

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During the meeting the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent (MEGS) expressed his delight at the attendance of over 600 Companions, and was pleased that every Chapter of the Province was represented that afternoon.
This year Audenshaw District is proud to have a large number of its deserving Brethren being honoured with appointment or promotion. Two brethren received the honour of being an acting provincial officer for the year, 9 received an appointment or promotion to Past rank including one of our DORA’s Professor Tony Freemont.

New Provincial Deputy Grand Superintendent former Audenshaw APGM

Focussing on recruitment, the MEGS highlighted from a recent Pro Grand Master address to Grand Lodge, “It is far more positive to refer to ‘attracting’ new members’ rather than ‘recruiting’, we are a band of brothers seeking to attract new, equal members.”

As in the Craft, Attraction and Retention is still very much at the forefront of the Royal Arch and here in Audenshaw District, as indeed East Lancashire, the high rulers of Royal Arch are attempting to find new ways to engage with brethren in order to increase Royal Arch membership to 50% of Craft Masons.
DORAs EComps Bill Wootton and Tony Freemont are continuing to visit Lodges to help attraction into the RA by assisting the Lodge RA Representative, Secretary and Mentor, also stressing the importance of the MEGS/PGM’s letter to be presented to each Master Mason, by the DORA or APGP when he receives his Grand Lodge  Certificate.

The Companions who received provincial honours at the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting on the 19th March 2015 are:

Companions Chapter Provincial Rank
Paul Bowen Ardwick Chapter No. 2185 ProvGOrg
Alan Mellor Concord Chapter No. 757 Prov2ndAGSoj
Anthony Freemont Egerton Chapter No. 1030 PProvDepGDC
Eric Woolmer Reddish Chapter No. 3615 PProvGSoj
Russell Pike Reddish Chapter No. 3615 PProv1stAGSoj
Eric Barrow Fairfield Chapter No. 7224 PProvGStB
Alan Crichton Pennine Chapter No. 8798 PProvGStB
Reginald Foster Tonge Hall Chapter No. 8763 PProvGStB
Niall Perry Fairfield Chapter No. 7224 PProvGStB
Jeffrey Denny Audenshaw Chapter No. 4828 PProvAGDC
Thomas Fishwick Equity with Dignity Chapter No.8304 PProvAGDC

Congratulations to all Recipients’