Monday 3rdDecember 2018 saw the meeting of the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No. 8408. This Chapter holds its Installation meeting at Manchester Hall and their half-yearly meeting in a Masonic Hall of the 1stPrincipal’s choice. This meeting was held in the Masonic Rooms in Clitheroe.
The main guest on the evening was EComp Harvey Basger, 2ndProvincial Grand Principal who was accompanied by EComp David Halford, 3rdProvincial Grand Principal.
The Chapter was opened flawlessly by the three principals, EComp David Cowen 1stPrincipal, EComp Michael Williams 2nd Principal and EComp Graeme Wilkinson 3rdPrincipal. Five new joining members were balloted for and accepted. This was followed by the Chapter room being filled with a variety of music as EComp Roger Bower conducted a presentation on famous Masonic Jazz Musicians. An excellent presentation.

Once the business of the evening had been conducted the Chapter was closed and the companions retired to The Swan and Royal for the social board where, being December, the obvious Christmas dinner was served. One of many that Freemasons will be enjoying over the coming weeks.

Great food, company and conversation ensued. Fine speeches were given, new members met current members and the visitors only added to a fabulous atmosphere and all round great evening.
To be a joining member of this Chapter you have to have been a Provincial Grand Steward but anyone can visit and I can well and worthily recommend a visit to this Chapter. It is excellent and welcoming.

Photos and article by Leigh Rickett