On Wednesday the 8th November 2023, the GSupt, the DepGSupt, the 2nd and 3rd ProvGP’s and an APGP attended the quarterly communication of Supreme Grand Chapter

The main topic on the agenda was a presentation and the launch of Archway

Archway is designed for Royal Arch Chapters to help shape their future, grow their membership and enhance their member’s experience. It is based on extensive research of what our members want—and what works well in successful, thriving Chapters across our Constitution.

Many of the challenges that Chapters face are different to Lodges. Archway is therefore not a simple translation of the Members’ Pathway into the Royal Arch, and so has been developed separately. However, some of the challenges are similar. References to resources within the Members’ Pathway and Solomon are therefore provided where relevant.

Archway aims to help Chapters become more vibrant and more enjoyable, so that every Companion looks forward to their next meeting with enthusiasm. Resources to enhance understanding of the Royal Arch are also provided along with advice for attracting new members, and for supporting every member of the Chapter.