EComp P Aspinall, PGStB, APGP, the Three Principals and Companion Kershaw 

The hosted meeting of Abbey Chapter held on Thursday the 15th October 2015, saw the small but beautiful Lodge room at Whalley almost full to capacity with forty Companions signing the Janitors attendance book.
The MEZ, EComp Dennis Hesketh opened the Chapter and then welcomed EComp Paul Aspinall, PGStB, APGP. The MEZ expressed his regret that he couldn’t, on this occasion, offer the First Principals Sceptre to him. EComp Aspinall expressed his delight at being in attendance and that the chance of him accepting the kind offer of the First Principals Sceptre, had it been offered, were somewhat remote.

Following the preliminary business there came the main business of the evening which was to Exalt Bro Andrew Brett Kershaw.

As is usual at hosted meetings Companions from visiting Chapters, the following Companions assisted the MEZ:

Haggai EComp Keith Roberts, PGStB Ashlar Chapter No 4858
Joshua EComp James Sutcliffe, PGStB Abbey Chapter No 2529
Scribe Ezra Comp David Tyman Abbey Chapter No 2529
Scribe Nehemiah EComp John Wilkinson Cana Chapter No 116
Principal Soj EComp Philip Myers, PProvGSoj Nativity Chapter No 126
1st Asst Soj EComp Jeff Bradshaw, PProvGSN Borough & Thursby Chapter No 1064
2nd Asst Soj EComp Arthur Cassidy, PProvAGDC Red Rose of Lancaster Chapter No 1504
Janitor EComp Robert Summers Nelson Chapter No 2193

Bro Kershaw was entrusted, admitted and Exalted into Royal Arch Masonry in what, considering the variation in ritual usually used by the acting officers, was a splendid ceremony. Having been restored to his personal comforts Companion Kershaw was conducted to a seat in the Chapter. The MEZ then took the opportunity to thank all the acting Officers for their efforts which had contributed to such a wonderful ceremony.
EComp Aspinall was invited to present a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate to Companion Graham Thornton. Given that EComp Aspinall had thirty seconds notice, he explained the significance of the certificate and the need to sign it, further expressing the hope that the full explanation of the certificate would, in due course, be given to Companion Thornton.
At the first and second risings EComp Aspinall gave greetings from Supreme Grand Chapter and Provincial Grand Chapter respectively, echoing the sentiments of the MEZ regarding the quality of the ritual. He further expressed his opinion that it was due to the strength of membership of Royal Arch Masons in the Northern Area that made these occasions so enjoyable.
At the third and fourth risings greetings were given on behalf all the visitors, by EComp Trevor M Thomas, PProv1stAGSoj, District Officer Royal Arch for the Burnley and Pendle District, who having organised the event, thanked all who had taken part for their efforts in making this such a memorable occasion for Companion Kershaw.
01 RA Abbey 2529 hosted Oct 2015

EComp P Aspinall, PGStB, APGP, accompanied by a number of other members of the Chapter, including the Three Principals and EComp Trevor M Thomas, PProv1stAGSoj, DORA

The Chapter was then closed in due form and the Companions retired to the social board.
The social board room was almost at capacity with the Companions treated to a super repast of roast beef and all the trimmings followed by what is arguably the staple dessert in Freemasonry, sponge pudding and custard. The speeches were all well received with our newly Exalted Companion receiving the approbation of all present for his response to the toast to his health.
The Companions departed having enjoyed taking part in a rather special evening of Royal Arch Masonry.