On the 26thSeptember the East Lancs Royal Arch Presentation Team (ELRAPT) members were out in force doing their own, their very own, Crafty Companions presentation at Imperial George Lodge in Middleton, home of Lamb Henry!
Amidst the usual pantomime with lots of “Boos”, “Hiss” and “Throw Money” placards, that could have come straight from the stage of the City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds, there was a set of thought provoking presentations that gave the background setting for the Royal Arch.
The members of the Lodge were entertained by Moses, Tubal Cain, Jehoiachin, Zerubabul, Solomon, Adoniram, and not to forget the evil Nebuchadnezzar (amongst others), which you have to admit is some line up, and not cheap either!

Tubal Cain and ELRAPT Leader Dennis Heskett
Moses played by Ray Degg

Following the meeting there was a wonderful social board in what the ELRAPT Team was assured was a typical Imperial George tradition, although we were all a little disappointed that we were sent home rather earlier than usual at 10.35.
The Team enjoyed the evening; the Lodge enjoyed it; as did the visitors. So a real success story!

The Team in the Chapter Room at Middleton