Craft to the Royal Arch

16 minutes
‘Craft to the Royal Arch’ is a presentation by 12 Companions given in a ‘Called Off’ Lodge of Master Masons. The Companions enter the Lodge room dressed in Royal Arch regalia, Robes, Surplices and Officers’ Collars, each carrying a Tribes’ Banner.
Two Companions then give a very brief description of the teachings of the Three Degrees of Craft Freemasonry followed with a brief history of the Royal Arch.
The remaining Companions in turn, each explain the roles of Z, H, J, IPZ, the Three Sojourners, Scribes, Treasurer and Janitor of the Chapter.
Following the ‘appreciation and thanks’ from the Worshipful Master, the Companions retire from the Lodge room, again each carrying a Banner.
From being admitted into the Lodge room, to their retiral, the Companions are in the Lodge room for approximately 20 minutes.
This presentation could also be considered for a Royal Arch meeting as a reminder to the Companions.