Symbolical Lecture

3 minutes
A short Lecture explaining how a Royal Arch Chapter, when properly arranged approaches that of a true Catenarian Arch, and where its name was taken from and it’s symbolisms.
Why the 3 keystones of the Arch are represented by the 3 Principals of the Chapter.
An explanation as to why we acknowledge the 6 Lights, namely 3 Lesser and 3 Greater.
Explanation of the Jewel worn by Companions and the significance, also the Ribbon.
We are told why The Ensigns and the 4 Principal Banners are in place and what they represent.
What the Bearings or Devices upon the 3 Sceptres denote and why these symbols are conferred and received in a peculiar manner.
The Sword and Trowel were adopted by Royal Arch Masons to commemorate the valour of ancient Companions, lecture explains the reason for this.
The Shovel, Pickaxe and Crowbar are acknowledged as working tools of the degree. An explanation follows as to what they were used for and how they teach us to contemplate the close of our moral existence