Red Rose Chapter held the regular October Convocation in a unique style. Firstly, the Chapter was honoured by a visit from the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, EComp Robert Frankl, together with the Second and Third Grand Principals, EComps Paul Bowen and David Hudson, the APGPs and a full Provincial team.

Secondly, the Companions were regaled with a demonstration of the building of a Royal Arch Chapter by EComp Peter Mason PGSN, PProvDepGSupt, Cumberland and Westmorland, together with his dedicated team of volunteers.

Thirdly, the Chapter hosted the Joint Convocation of the Northern Area, with First Principals from Chapters in the surrounding halls taking office for the evening. All this made an almost full Chapter, with fifty-two Companions attending.

The demonstration by EComp Mason was both enjoyable and educational, enthralling the Companions from beginning to end, explaining many of the important historic points concerning the manner in which Royal Arch Chapters are constructed.

Once the Chapter was opened, the First Principal, EComp Keith Jackson presented the MEGS with a generous cheque in favour of the 2026 Festival. Comp Wayne Poole received an explanation of his Grand Chapter certificate by the Director of Ceremonies, EComp Trevor Thomas.

At the festive board, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent brought all present up­ to-date with the work being done to strengthen and support the Order. The First Principal then thanked the Visitors, in addition to EComp David Tyman, Second Principal, who substituted for EComp Russell Harwood, whose mother had sadly been taken ill. The Chapter Treasurer, EComp Bryan Ross volunteered to take the office of Standard Bearer in support of the Provincial team, of which he is already a member as the ProvlstAGSoj.The entire evening was enjoyed by everyone, with words such as “terrific”, “superb”, “wonderful”, “great” and “memorable” being commonly heard and it is very evident that Red Rose Chapter is going from strength to strength.