On Thursday 19th November 2015, we attended the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge at King George’s Hall, Blackburn. There was a record number in attendance this year, with a fantastic atmosphere in the hall. The PGM, RWBro Sir David Trippier opened the meeting and welcomed distinguished colleagues and guests from around the country. The PGM talked about the festival and how wonderful it was to have raised over £2.6 Million and he thanked everyone who contributed in support of this. The PGM also discussed the future of Freemasonry and a full report of his speech can be found here.https://www.pglel.co.uk/PGM/PGM’s%20Speech%20191115.pdf


Honours were then received by the following brethren of our District:

ProvJGD Martin Horan
New Trinity Lodge No.4595

ProvAGDC John Yates
Kitchener Lodge No.3788
ProvGStwd Lee Gridley
Boltonian Lodge No.3716

PProvJGW Terry Kakoulis
District Chairman

PProvJGW Ian M S Hunter

PProvJGW Peter Blackhurst PProvGSuptWks (29/11/2007)
Charity Centenary Lodge No.3786
PProvDepGDC Steven Greenhalgh PProvJGD (16/11/2006)
Corinthian Lodge No.221
PProvDepGDC John Hood PProvSGD (30/9/2008)
Supera Moras Lodge No.3326
PProvDepGDC Brian Jones PProvJGD (29/11/2007)
Charity Centenary Lodge No.3786
PProvDepGDC Robert Taylor PProvJGD (29/11/2007)
Earl Ellesmere Lodge No.678
PProvSGD Stuart Davenport PProvAGDC (13/11/2001)
St Peter’s Deane Lodge No.6521
PProvSGD Robert Findlay PProvAGDC (21/11/2013)
Anchor and Hope Lodge No.37
PProvSGD Allan Potter PProvJGD (16/11/2006)
Old Boltonians Lodge No.5814
PProvJGD Derek Bennett
Lodge of Antiquity No.146
PProvJGD Dennis Brierley
Anchor and Hope Lodge No.37
PProvJGD Phillip Fogg
Goulburn Menturia Lodge No.3478
PProvJGD Mervyn Symonds
St John’s Lodge No.348
PProvAGDC Jack Cooper
St Peter’s Deane Lodge No.6521
PProvAGDC Eric Holliday
Kitchener Lodge No.3788
PProvAGDC Keith McNeil
St Peter’s Deane Lodge No.6521
PProvAGDC Robert Tyler PProvGStB (20/11/2014)
Earl Ellesmere Lodge No.678
PProvAGDC Glenn Wood
Kitchener Lodge No.3788
PProvGStB Heathcliffe Christian
New Trinity Lodge No.4595
A fantastic social board followed the meeting and all the brethren in attendance had a wonderful day and experience.
Congratulations to all those who got honours this year