Why Join Freemasonry?

It is a chance to become part of something bigger, and to make a difference. To join a large community of like-minded people who aim to improve themselves morally,  and take pleasure in making the world a better place.

Freemasonry itself is all about symbolism whilst gaining further knowledge about yourself through fun and exciting ceremonies highlighting specific points in your life.

Can I Join?

Any man over the age of 18 may join regardless of ethnic group, political views, economic standing or religion although he is expected to have a “belief in a supreme being”. Students over 18 can join one of the Province’s University Scheme Lodges.

Women who are interested in becoming a Freemason can use the following links HFAF or OWF.

How Much Does It Cost?

A lodge has a subscription cost. There’s no getting around it. Rest assured that the fees are wholly contributing to Freemasonry whether it be to the upkeep of the masonic hall where the lodge meets, the administrative costs of running the province, and charitable endeavours made by our national charity the MCF.

A very rough estimate would be in the order of £175 – £270 a year for a lodge subscription.

Beyond this (gasp! yes more) there are calls upon your charity for more local endeavours. This could be from personal support to our own East Lancashire Masonic Charity (ELMC), to Lodge specific charities that may be close to the members’ hearts, usually via raffles and collections in a masonic lodge meeting. There is no quantifiable amount that is expected in any way whatsoever. Nobody is counting and nothing is ‘expected’.

What Is A Lodge?

A lodge is a collection of such men from all walks of life and age groups usually consisting of anywhere between 15 and 50 individuals. Every lodge has its own unique personality, history and way of going about its Freemasonry. There are over 175 lodges in the Province of East Lancashire spread over 11 districts and totals approximately 4000 members. It would be safe to say, there is a lodge to suit everyone.

Lodges meet regularly on a specific day of the week, once a month, a certain number of times a year, in a particular Masonic Hall. For example, you may hear of a lodge meeting on the 3rd Thursday of a month, September through to April (8 meetings a year).

What Do You Do Inside A Lodge?

Lodge work inside a lodge room is based on historical and allegorical ceremonies or plays, where the members of a lodge play specific roles. It is fun and structured in such a way as not to be burdensome. It is unique within society today.

What Do You Do Outside The Lodge?

Wherever possible Masons will try to involve their partners, families, friends and children.

Outside a lodge, we enjoy ourselves. Have a look at our news pages for many examples of our work.

Rituals & Ceremonies

For those who really enjoy and ‘get into’ their Freemasonry it can be quite challenging. Sometimes we have to work by learning rituals (like lines in a play) and assist with successful ceremonies and social occasions. Whatever the challenges may be most Freemasons will say they have ‘grown’ from the experience. Many members say they have improved in public speaking where once they wouldn’t dream of standing up in front of people.

Masonic meetings can be very special and often produce a lift or a ‘high’ So much so that we look forward to our next meeting together. There is a lot of pleasure to be gained in the course of the Freemasonry experience.

We are proud of it and say so.

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