The District Team, supporting the Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Peter Rhodes, had the pleasure of attending the 50thanniversary celebrations of WBro Graham Morris PProvDepGSuptWorks on Wednesday 13th April in Hope Lodge No. 54.

Graham, who was recently appointed President of Rochdale AFC in recognition of his outstanding contribution of the club for the last 4 decades, was presented with his illuminated certificate and lapel pin by Deputy District Chair Simon Rogers following a fitting tribute by WBro Ian Dugdale during which he spoke of Grahams 4 great loves in life – family, friends, freemasonry and football.

We also learnt of Grahams past antics during social events, with photographic evidence provided at the festive board!

WBro Peter Rhodes spoke of key events in the year of Grahams initiation in 1970 and gave details of Graham’s Masonic History, including his installation into the Chair of King Solomon in 1986 and his appointment and promotion to his current Provincial office, following which, Hope Lodge maed a generous donation to the ELMC.

Also in attendance were Grand Lodge Officers RWBro Sir David Trippier PPGM and WBro Peter Hewitt, PPAGM, PSGD.

Retiring to the Festive Board, the Brethren met with good cheer where further tributes to Graham were paid and a gift from the members of Hope Lodge was given to Graham to mark his golden anniversary.

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