GENEROUS!  Freemasons have raised more than £22,000 for local organisations and good causes!

And recipients of the Freemasons’ outstanding efforts came together for a special giving night in Shaw.

Beneficiaries of Albert Lodge 854 are:

Dr Kershaw’s Hospice:  £7,200

Springhill Hospice:         £2,500

Playhouse 2 Shaw          £3,600

Maggie’s @ Oldham      £4,200

Christie’s @ Oldham     £4,200

1st Shaw Scouts              £500

Additionally, Albert Ladies Circle also donated £300 to Bright Futures school for children with autism.

The school, recently featured on BBC Northwest tonight, is currently housed in temporary accommodation in Greenacres.

But next month and pupils hope to move into their new premises in Greenfield, provided and built by Robert Scott, the UK’s leading distributer for professional grade cleaning and janitorial products.

Friends of Bright Futures are currently raising money to kit out the interior.

The Albert Lodge Giving Night also featured entertainment from singer /saxophonist, Ryan Grant, plus a pie and pea supper.

Thousands of Freemasons, of all nationalities and religions regularly give to charities and good causes, often going unnoticed by the general public!

Mark Masons have donated £11,000 to osteoporosis hospitals over the years.

They have also given £72,000 to Cumberland Mountain Rescue.

Freemasons also donated to the, “We Love Manchester Emergency Appeal”.To help those affected by the bomb attack at the Manchester Arena.

The appeal has subsequently reached a total of £237,732.70!

Freemasons have been in existence for over 300 years, helping all kinds of worthy causes, and are thought to be the third largest contributor to charities in the UK.

They also make major donations to overseas countries.

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