With the Festival now far behind them, representatives from many Manchester Lodges attended an “Evening with ELMC” on Wednesday 19th October 2016 with a view to refreshing their knowledge of our own Provincial Charity.

With many recent changes to the structure and paperwork of the charity, it was felt important for every Lodge to have officers who understand what services are available to them and how to maximise their Lodge’s effectiveness in providing support to both their Brethren and their community.

A panel consisting of the Manchester District Charity Stewards Stephen Thomson and Tony Stephenson, Provincial Almoner Brian Carter and Provincial Charity Steward Ken Davies, spoke on the structure, scope and mechanics of the ELMC.

Attending Charity Stewards learned how to apply for community funding and Almoners found out how the role of our new Welfare Officer, Paul O’Carroll, will affect and ease their work. Worshipful Masters were asked to take the lead with promoting the “Friends of ELMC” personal giving scheme.

“It is essential that we utilise these periods between Festivals to support the ELMC” said Stephen Thomson, “We are quite unique in what we can provide as a Province with benevolence, community funding and retirement community living. It’s something we should all be proud of”.

For more details on what benefits ELMC can provide to your Lodge, and how to give your support visit the website www.elmc.co.uk or contact your District Charity Stewards.