On 18th October, WBro Chris Welton, APGM for the Manchester Area, visited Maccabee Lodge to support the City Derby District Secretary WBro Mel Rosenthal who, as WM of the lodge, was raising Bro Zain Shah.
After being offered the gavel, which he graciously declined, WBro Welton introduced the many District and Area officers, including WBro David Hudson, City Derby District Chairman, who accompanied him and who were also supporting the WM.
The ceremony was very much enjoyed by everyone attending. Special mention should be made of the excellent presentations of the working tools by Bro Lyle Davis and of the Traditional History and 3rd degree tracing board by WBro Clifford Valins.
After the ceremony, everyone attended a most enjoyable Social Board.
Picture above shows:
WBro David Hudson, WBro Henry Bentwood, WBro Chris Welton, Bro Zain Shah and WBro Mel Rosenthal.
Article by Richard Zoltie