Bolton Freemasons were delighted to deliver  the first consignment of Teddy bears to The Bolton Hospice as part of the “TLC scheme”.
The Teddy Bears form part of the scheme “Teddies for Loving Care”.  This is an initiative that provides cuddly bears to Accident and Emergency units for medical staff to give, at their discretion, to young children. The bears are often used by staff to calm children down, reward them for being brave and in some cases demonstrate procedures.  All children who receive a bear get to take it home.
Following a recent visit to Bolton Hospice and seeing the great services they provide, it was agreed that the TLC initiative could benefit the children attending the centre. University Hospice Lecturer and Practitioner at Bolton Hospice, Vicki Guest (third person from the right on the photograph) Explained that the use of the teddies will be varied but would be primarily be aimed at the young children of adults being treated at the Centre.
Bob Findlay from Bolton Freemasons said, “I had the privilege of attending and speaking to staff at Bolton Hospice a few months ago and was touched to hear about the services they provide. I am glad that we can help the young children who visit by introducing this scheme to the hospice.”
Photograph by Bob Findlay
Write up by Lee Gridley