The organist and lesson readers, L to R , David Hawkins, Rev. David Halford, Walter Coupe, Jeff Brindle, Miss Victoria Bottacin, Ray Evans, Keith Jackson, Colin Barton and Mrs Mary Pickup.

 An attendance of over fifty, including Brethren, their families , friends, children and grandchildren gathered at Burnley Masonic Hall on Sunday 2ndDecember for the traditional Carol Service.
The host for the service, Burnley and District Chairman, Bob Allan, welcomed the Reverend David Halford and his wife to the celebration which was the first at our new venue.
All the Masonic Halls in the District were represented and these representatives read the lessons, along with District Officers, representatives of the Masonic Fellowship and a Children’s representative, Miss Victoria Bottacin.
The Carols were enthusiastically accompanied by David Hawkins.
A collection was taken which raised £150 for The ELMC.
The District Chairman, Bob Allan, thanked the Directors and Brethren of Burnley Masonic hall for their Hospitality.

David Hawkins and Rev. David Halford.

Following the service, all retired to partake of coffee and mince pies.
An excellent start to the Festive season.

Report by John Wilkinson