Lodges and Chapters do not need to obtain approval for amendments to their By-Laws where such amendments are concerned only with changes to subscriptions.

Lodges and Chapters must use the template (model By-Laws) provided by United Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter.

By-Law No 6 is an efficient way of providing for changes in subscription, which must be authorized in the following manner:

  1. A Notice of Motion appears on the Summons, which is circulated to all subscribing members.
  2.  At the next Regular Meeting, the Motion, together with any amendments notified to the Secretary,
    appears on the Summons for consideration and decision.
  3. The change becomes effective when the next annual subscription becomes due. It cannot be made retrospective.
    An immediate change to the By-Laws is unnecessary; these amendments can be included with any subsequent changes.
    Fees for Initiation, Joining and Rejoining continue to be subject to By-Law action, and it is emphasised that the above relaxation applies to subscriptions only.