On the 15th March 2023 the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for East Lancashire, VWBro John Farrington PGSwdB accepted the gavel from the WM of Duke of Athol 210, WBro Jack Gibson. From the chair the DepPGM introduced the members of  his deputation Which included the AProvGM The Reverend Canon Richard Whishaw Hawkins and the APGP Peter Douthwaite. The DepPGM announced that the deputation were in attendance to celebrate WBro James Munro Adam, BEM, PProvSGW having completed 60 years in the Craft.

WBro Steven Boyle took the lectern  to recount some of the outstanding events that occurred during the last 60 years of WBro James Munro Adam life including his nicknames being “Big Jim” or “the Recruiting Sergeant.” and also that he was awarded the British Empire Medal in 1964 for an act of extreme bravery when he climbed onto the roof of Sunlight House, Quay Street, Manchester, to talk down a young man from a very determined suicide bid. The medal was subsequently presented to him by Lord Derby, the Lord LIeutenant,  who at that time was also the Provincial Grand Master for East Lancashire.

Jim was initiated into his Mother Lodge, Lodge St Andrew, Denny & Loanhead No 176 in the Registry of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in December 1962. Serving as a police officer in Manchester, attendance involved a 400 miles round trip. A trip he continued to make into the late 1980’s.

Jim became a regular guest visitor to Duke of Athol Lodge and subsequently in 1983 he became a Joining Member going on to take the chair in;1989, 2003 and 2011.

Other milestones in Freemasonry for Jim were becoming the Provincial Grand Master in the Royal Order of Scotland for the Province of Chester. He also achieved Grand Rank in both the Mark Degree and the Royal Ark Mariners.

Jim gained the nickname of the ‘Recruiting Sergeant’ due to sharing his enthusiasm for Freemasonry and encouraging many others to become members of the many Lodges with which he is involved.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending a celebration is the revisiting some of the popular cultural and news event that occurred during the period the celebration covered. The early 60’s had many notable memorable occurrences ranging from the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis to the assassination of JF Kennedy and Martin Luther King. On the world stage British popular music gained much prominence with bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones leading the way, the rise of British fashion emanating from Carnaby street was also in the news. Floyd Patterson held the World Heavy weight champion title in 1962, losing it to Sonny Liston in 1963 who in turn lost it to Mohamed Ali in 1964. These events and other news items, mentioned by the DepPGM, emphasise both the the substantial passage of time and changes in society during the period that Jim was a serving police officer and involved in Freemasonry.

Many of Jim’s old friends from various Lodges attended and the ceremony was followed by a very warm and enjoyable meal. Jim Invited all those present to attend his 70th, I am sure many are looking forward to it.