On Friday the 1st April a full house witnessed a variety spectacular at the Thwaites Empire Theatre in Blackburn. The event, the brainchild of our District Chairman, WBro David Lightbown PAGDC, supported by the District Charity Steward’s team was a huge success and offered the audience a fantastic mix of talent from young…. and not so young people from around the Province.

The compere for the evening was the very amusing Keith Bradshaw who introduced the acts and entertained with his funny stories in between. The acts themselves were many and very varied in their style. The audience were treat to some superb singing acts, dancing groups in both contemporary and ballet styles, and of course the comedy acts which no variety show would be complete without. Billy Bedlam began his act by playing a range of instruments including the kitchen sink! The second comedian booked for the evening, Bobby Kaye, unfortunately couldn’t make the show due to an earlier accident in the week. WBro Lightbown pulled a few strings and managed to source a replacement at very short notice. Bob Lawrence a Blackpool based act, proved to be a great choice as he had the audience in stitches with his hapless style mixed with a huge musical talent. Snake charmers will never be the same again!

At the end of the evening WBro Lightbown took the microphone and thanked the acts and the audience for making it a memorable evening. He introduced VWBro Derek Thornhill our Deputy Provincial Grand Master, who explained to the audience how the Freemasons support local charities and that over the last 5 years the Province of East Lancashire has donated over £370,000 to these good causes. VWBro Thornhill introduced WBro Chad Northcott PSGD, the Chairman of the ELMC, and presented him with a Cheque for £500 after announcing that the amount raised on the event totaled an amazing £2635

This was a most excellent evening held in the spellbinding and intimate surroundings of the Empire Theatre. The acts were a real credit to themselves and were very well received by the audience. Real talent and an impressive sum of money raised for charity. Thank you to all who attended and bought raffle tickets on the night.

The official photographs taken on the night can be seen HERE.