At the most recent meeting of the Friendship Club, WBro Ian Johnson Assistant District Charity Steward, presented a cheque for £200 on behalf of the charity stewards to the Chair, Shirley Hodgson.
The club meets on the first Wednesday of every month at St James Church Cobham Road Accrington, where they have free use of the meeting room at the rear of the church. The theme for this meeting was the Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations, where all the guests received a replica of the meal presented to guests at the party held on the Mall in London.
The club is free and open to anyone who is in receipt of the State Pension, and was set up in 2011 following an increased awareness that many people in Hyndburn were unable to get out by themselves. The attendees are collected from home and brought to the centre, where they have a meal and a social get together. Outings are also arranged.
Currently there are 80 members supported by a team of 40 volunteers, and the popularity of the group means there is a waiting list for prospective members.