On Saturday 18th May 2024.6 City East masons climbed Mount Snowdon to raise money for the 2026 Festival. They began at 5 45 in the morning from the Snowdon Railway centre. They were

  • W. Bro Mark DAVIS St Thomas Lodge
  • W.Bro Tom Daniels Skakspeare Lodge & City East Secretary
  • W.Bro Ed Beaman Felicity Lodge & City East Chairman
  • Bro Tom White Felicity Lodge Treasurer
  • Bro Tony Barnes Felicity Lodge Junior Warden
  • Bro Sonny Welsh Felicity Lodge
  • Finley Welsh the climb leader, whose idea it was.

The climb raised more than £2000.00. The weather was kind to the group and the mountain was full of other walkers raising money for Cancer Charities , including a number from the Automobile Association AA.
Many thanks to Finley for the idea and Ed Beaman , thanked the whole group for dragging him up.

Ed Beaman