As the curtain falls on another year, the efforts of City West Area Charity Steward Ian MacNeill and City West Deputy Area Charity Steward Eric Baker come to the forefront. The duo has been busy in their commitment to supporting local charities and Tender Loving Care (TLC) initiatives.

A heart warming moment captured involves Eric Baker at Salford Royal Hospital Children’s Panda Unit, delivering two boxes containing 144 TLC Teddy Bears from City West Freemasons. These comforting companions are destined to bring solace to children in the unit during moments of need, exemplifying the Freemasons’ dedication to making a positive impact on young lives.

Meanwhile, Ian MacNeill made a visit to St Anns Hospice, presenting a donation of TLC teddies. These thoughtful gifts are intended for both young and elderly patients under hospice care. The photograph also captures the tree purchased through the ELMC. This tree has proven instrumental in raising vital funds for the hospice, with individuals contributing by purchasing leaves.

City West Freemasons contributed with their ongoing support for Salfords Womens Aid, exemplified by a recent donation comprising 20 selection boxes, 20 TLC teddies, and 20 Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. This gesture underscores the commitment to addressing the diverse needs of the community, extending a helping hand to those in vulnerable situations.

Looking ahead to the new year, City West Freemasons have earmarked January for a donation to the Salford Foodbank. Recognising the post-holiday decline in contributions, we have strategically timed our support to ensure that the food bank continues to receive assistance during this period.

As we bid farewell to the year, we would like to thank each of you for your impactful contributions.