This weekend in the quaint town of Radcliffe, there was a lively and much-anticipated event called the Radcliffe Carnival. The celebration brought the community together with music, a funfair, and a vibrant parade.

Every year, the Province of East Lancashire volunteers their time to help as traffic marshals, ensuring the smooth flow of vehicles and pedestrians during the carnival.

This year, a group of dedicated Masonic volunteers from around the province gathered on the carnival morning.

Swapping their distinctive aprons and regalia for high-visibility vests, they were ready to offer their services and contribute to the event’s success.

Led by their WBro Robert Ashton (Cromwell with Papyrean 5771), they set off for their designated locations with enthusiasm and a strong sense of duty.

Joining WBro Rob Ashton on the day were the following Brethren.

  • Tom Daniels (Shakspere 1009)
  • Elliot Jervis (Shakspere 1009)
  • Darren Fletcher (Cornucopia 4553)
  • Ovidiu Horia Suteu (Townley Parker 1083)
  • Kiel Hunter (Volunteer Lodge 2905)
  • Andrew Kinsey – Cromwell with Papyrean 5771
  • Jim Hodge – Lodge of Merit 934
  • John Clayton – Pilkington 6522
  • Andrew Stanley – Pilkington 6522
  • Chris Taylor – Earl of Lathom – 2560
  • Harish Patel – Bury Lodge of Relief 42

Also joining the Masons were non-masons who joined and wanted to help the cause:

  • Neville Edwards
  • Tyler Goodall
  • Alec Nicholson


Over at the main parade route, the volunteers ensured that the carnival floats and marching bands progressed without any hindrance. They coordinated with the parade organisers, communicating via handheld radios to ensure the next group was ready to proceed before signalling the traffic to halt. Their synchronised efforts made the parade a smooth and seamless spectacle for all to enjoy.

As the day wore on, the Masonic volunteers continued to work tirelessly, their dedication shining through. They braved the scorching sun, remaining steadfast in their commitment to keeping the carnival safe and enjoyable for everyone. Their selflessness and camaraderie became an inspiration to all who witnessed their efforts.

From that day forward, the Masonic volunteers became known as the unsung heroes of the Radcliffe Carnival. Their selfless service and tireless efforts continued to be celebrated and cherished, reminding the community of the power of unity and goodwill.