Following the huge success of the five white table events held during 2017 in all the Masonic Halls in the District, which saw approaching over twenty Non-Masons take the first step of their own Masonic journey by asking for membership, the latest event was held at Mill House Masonic Hall and hosted by DeLacy Lodge No. 4591 on Thursday 15th February. Over 30 were in attendance, including five non-masons who were shown the proceedings of a full Masonic evening including the welcome in the bar before being shown how Masons prepare themselves for the meeting and the historic significance of the Tyler’s book. They were looked after throughout by WBro Russell Harwood PProvSGD our Deputy District Chairman who guided the guests into the Lodge once the Brethren had completed the opening business of the evening. WBro Dave McGurty PProvGSwdB District Chairman welcomed the guests and handed over to WBro Steve Crowther PProvSGD who delivered his explanation of Freemasonry in an allegorical manner by linking ancient Freemasonry to life in the 21st Century. He finished his presentation by explaining the various regalia worn by the Brethren and the story of why the Stewards wear red. The guests were then taken from the Lodge for questions and answers whilst the Lodge completed the business of the evening.
A joyful festive board, including a full Masonic Toast List, then took place where our guests were able to ask further questions in a relaxed environment. WBro David Lightbown PAGDC responded to Toasts 3,4 & 5, giving the Brethren and more importantly, our Non-Masonic guests an idea of what is currently happening in the world of Freemasonry. A raffle was held which raised £120 which was immediately donated to the ELMC, all the prizes were won by visiting Brethren or non-Masonic guests!