The East Ribble District inaugural online “White Table” event, supported by the northern area APGM, WBro Alan Kirwilliam, was well attended and well received by fourteen Brethren and six “candidates in waiting” all of whom have had their Initiations delayed due to Covid-19. Those who attended witnessed a presentation on the Lodge room, the Officers of the Lodge and Masonic Regalia, delivered by the District Comm’s officer, WBro Steve Crowther in his uniquely entertaining manner. Our six special guests were supported by other Lodge members, Lodge Mentors and Lodge Membership Officers, along with the District Mentor, WBro Bruce Pollard.

The presentation briefly explored the origin of Freemasonry, mentioning King Solomon’s Temple and medieval operative Masons before moving to the formation of the first Lodge in 1717. Steve went on to explain the basic layout of a Lodge room then introduced each Lodge officer in turn, placing them in the Lodge and explaining a little about their duties and responsibilities. With all of the progressive officers placed, Steve then went on to discuss some of the additional officers such as the DC, Secretary, Treasurer, Charity Steward, Mentor and LMO. He gave several examples of our charity work and volunteering for local good causes, before giving a short explanation of some of the Craft regalia.

With the presentation complete, a short Q & A session prompted several pertinent questions, which were addressed by some of the more experienced Brethren present. WBro Kirwilliam thanked everyone for their attendance, adding that there’s more to Freemasonry than what takes place in the Lodge room, and each and every one of us will get something different from our involvement. Finally, he expressed a wish to meet us all in Lodge in the near future.

Article and Images: East Ribble District Team