The photograph shows the members of the Presentation Team who were present on the night and performed the work.

On the 15th February this year, the Royal Arch Presentation Team visited Grants Lodge No 8825 who are based at Ashday Lea in Rawtenstall. After the Lodge had been called off, since this piece is performed by Royal Arch Companions in Regalia, the team were admitted, one by one, to perform their piece entitled “Crafty Companions”.

It is very difficult to say how well the work was received for, like the rest of the team, I spent the evening in an adjoining room, only entering the Lodge at the appointed time to perform my piece of the work. However, I was assured by both the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, WBro Alan Kirwilliam, PProvJGW, and by the patch Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Western Area of the Province, WBro Norman Cope, PSGD, that the work had been received with delight by the brethren.Certainly, at the Social Board, they were all very appreciative of the work that we had done. Crafty Companions is a light and enjoyable piece of work, but it has lessons galore for those who are looking for a daily advancement.