Dispensation is NOT required when:

The specified meeting date for a Lodge falls on a ‘Prohibited’ Day (i.e. Christmas Day, Good Friday or a Sunday), or a public holiday, and an alternative meeting date is arranged which is not more than seven days before, or after, the specified date.
(Craft: Rule 139 [b])

Additionally a fee is NOT required for a Dispensation for the following:

A Provincial request for the Lodge / Chapter to change the date of its Regular Meeting because of:

  • the Provincial Annual Meeting / Half Yearly Meeting, or special events involving the RW Provincial Grand Master / ME Grand Superintendent;
  • Hosted Visits;
  • Consecrations;
  • Amalgamations;
  • 3747 (Lodge and Chapter);
  • 5712 Chapter;
  • 8408 (Lodge and Chapter);
  • Installed Masters’ Lodges / Installed
  • Principals’ Chapters.