WBro Chris Welton, APGM; Bro Ray Green, WM of Volunteer Lodge; accompanied by four attending Entered Apprentices
( Left to Right ) Bro Julien Sinclair-Simon, Bro Iain Burgoyne, Bro David Carter and Bro Andrew Beaumont.

Volunteer Lodge No 2905 played host to a very special evening at Manchester Hall on 11th January 2018.
Once the lodge had been opened by the Worshipful Master, Bro Ray Green, they were please to receive WBro Christopher Welton PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, and a delegation from his City Derby District Team.
Bro Green offered the gavel to WBro Welton, who only held it for a short time whilst he introduced his delegation, which included amongst others the Chairman of City Derby District, WBro David Hudson and the Provincial Grand Almoner, WBro Mark Davis. They were welcomed by the lodge members and visitors assembled, before WBro Welton returned the gavel to Bro Green.

WBro Chris Welton, APGM; Brethren of Volunteer Lodge; their visitors & the District Delegation

The centrepiece of the evening was an Explanation of the 1st Degree Ceremony from the Education and Development Demonstration Team, assisted by the members of Volunteer Lodge. The Worshipful Master introduced the team of WBro Tony Costello, WBro Elliott Moss and WBro Harold Cooper, before handing the floor over to them.

WBro Chris Welton, APGM; Bro Ray Green, WM of Volunteer Lodge; accompanied by the Education & Development Demonstration Team
( Left to Right ) Bro Julien Sinclair-Simon, WBro Elliot Moss, WBro Tony Costello, WBro Harold Cooper.

The team were very grateful to Bro Julieun Sinclair-Simon, a visiting Entered Apprentice, for acting as the candidate for the evening. The explanation and narration of the demonstration was superb, and I think everyone would agree that all of the brethren present made an advancement in their masonic knowledge. Once the demonstration had been completed, WBro Tony Costello proceeded to invite questions from the audience and surprised many at the ease in which he answered over a dozen, occasionally tricky, questions about the history and evolution of the ceremony.
The Worshipful Master then conducted the remaining business of the lodge and after the second rising WBro Welton and his Delegation retired from the lodge. The lodge was duly closed and the social board was greatly enjoyed by all of the brethren.
Article by Chris Armstrong