WBro Chris Welton, distinguished guests and Brethren of Caledonian Lodge.

Caledonian Lodge No 204 hosted a very special event on Wednesday 10 April 2019, at Manchester Hall.
One might have been mistaken for thinking that the distinguished guests from the Grand Lodge of Spain were there in some official capacity, but no, they had all travelled to Manchester to witness the Raising of Paul Mansell, son of RWBro Barrie R Mansell, Assistant Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of Spain.
After the Lodge had been opened it was announced that WBro Christopher Welton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Manchester Area, was outside the Lodge and that he, accompanied by a Delegation from the City Sykes and City Derby Districts, demanded admission.
The Assistant Provincial Grand Master and his delegation entered the lodge and once seated, WBro Graham Alexander, who was the Acting Worshipful Master, offered him the Gavel.  Whilst honoured to be offered the gavel of such an auspicious lodge, on this occasion, he chose to decline his kind offer. He continued to introduce his delegation which included:  WBro Chris Prax, City Sykes District Chairman; WBro Paul O’Carroll, City Derby District Chairman; WBro Ed Beaman City Derby District Deputy Chairman; WBro Bill Lister City Sykes District Royal Arch District Officer; WBro Dean Wheeler City Derby District Royal Arch District Officer, WBro Dennis Schiff City Derby and City Sykes District TLC and WBro Richard Zoltie Manchester Area Communications Officer.
The Ceremony of Raising was then carried out perfectly by the Acting Worshipful Master, WBro Graham Alexander and the Officers of the Caledonian Lodge. WBro Alexander’s presentation of the Traditional History was truly memorable.
The Social Board was both fun and enjoyable.  The Toast to the Candidate was given by VWBro Rodney C Bignall, Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Valencia.
The Lodge also presented to WBro Faulkner, a long standing and much respected member of the Lodge, a framed photograph as a token of appreciation for all the work done by Mrs Pat Faulkner over many years for the social side of the Lodge. Mrs Faulkner had sadly passed away some two months ago.

WM Michael Hodges takes wine with WBro Chris Welton, RWBro Barrie Mansell and VWBro Rodney Bignell

Article by Richard Zoltie