Glynn Lund, (Left) Charity Steward of  Pendle Lodge with Major Carole Ainsworth
and Ian Salthouse, Charity Steward of Cana Chapter

For a number of years now Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons have supported the Salvation Army in Burnley and Pendle by donating food to the Citadels in both Burnley and Nelson.
The Salvation Army needs support year-round and more particularly during school holidays.
Recognising this need, the Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons Community Fund donated £150 worth of food essentials to both the Burnley and Nelson Citadels, which brings the total donated to this most worthy cause to £1800 over the last 3 years.
Major Ainsworth said, “we are very grateful for the help that the freemasons have provided over the years”.
John Wilkinson