On Thursday 21st October, Keystone Lodge celebrated its 200th Anniversary and it proved to be an outstanding event The Lodge was due to celebrate its 200th year in 2020; however, the Covid 19 pandemic delayed the festivities. During this unprecedented period of closure, Keystone Lodge continued to meet on an informal basis virtually.

Simon Rogers, Deputy District Chairman, accompanied by members of the District team, joined Keystone lodge members and their guests in welcoming The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier and his Provincial delegation to celebrate this historic milestone.

The Brethren received to great appreciation an abridged history of Keystone Lodge, delivered, in part, by The RWPGM Sir David Trippier– himself a Keystone Lodge member of some 50 years, and fellow Keystone member WBro Graham Newton.

Sir David presented the Worshipful Master WBro. Dilip Desei with the Bicentennial certification and, as is customary on such milestones, promoted long standing member of Keystone Lodge WBro Reg Foster to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.

In conclusion of the formalities, it was down to the Festive Board for a fabulous meal. The show of support and enthusiasm for the event proves that Keystone Lodge continues to be a vital and vibrant part of the Rochdale District and would have made the founders proud.

Report and Photographs by Bro. Martin Ross, Rochdale District Communications Officer