On Thursday 2nd March, Langley Lodge 3989 held a passing ceremony.
The officers of the lodge assisted Bro David Corrin Daniel Ahern take his 2nd step in freemasonry to be passed to a fellowcraft freemason. The ceremony was an excellent example of our ritual. After the ceremony the brethren retired to the social board where the visiting brethren were made to feel very welcome.
Pictured here (left to right) Bro Lee Reilly (dist.comms), WBro Chris Henthorn (dist.charity), WM Eric Rosenberg, Bro David Ahern, WBro Andy Halford (dist.chair) and WBro Richard Beehan (district.deputy chair).
The Oldham District team wish Bro Ahern the very best in his masonic career.
Visiting lodges is one of the best ways to extend your masonic knowledge, meet new friends and support other lodges. All upcoming meetings can be found on the district website.