L to R Front: SW, WBro. Peter Brodie, APGM, John Pearson, PSGD, WM, Bro. Steve Grummett, JW, Bro. David McGovern – L to R Rear: JD, Bro. Wayne Boothman, SD, WBro. Chis Carter

The WM. of the Lodge, Bro. Stephen Leonard Edward Grummet, nervous as would be expected, opened the Lodge in the 1st Degree then awaited the Tyler’s knocks for receiving the APGM for Southern Area, WBro. John Pearson, PSGD. The APGM was accompanied by a delegation of Officers of the District and Acting Officers of the year in the Province of East Lancashire.

Following the greetings with the WM, the APGM, WBro. Pearson introduced each of the accompanying delegation to the Brethren.

The Brethren then settled down to witness an unusual Proclamation. Not only was the WM. continuing for a second year, so were all the Officers which made it unnecessary to go into the Board of Installed Master to the benefit of all the Brethren being able to remain in the Lodge.

At the second rising, the WM. donated two cheques to WBro. Pearson, one to the ELMC and the other for the Audenshaw Fellowship for which the APGM gave his thanks.

Following the closing, the Brethren retired to the social board for a sumptuous meal served by the hard working staff of Stanley House. The usual raffle was help where WBro, Peter Brodie, noted for his ability to extract the most out of the diners, explained to the APGM that it would be unlikely that he would win. He could not have been more wrong as the APGM, with a triumphant smile to Peter, lifted the prizes.

The evening ended with the Tyler’s toast, the long way, delivered eloquently by WBro. Barry Leech, after which all travelled home hopefully with kind memories of a very pleasant evening.

On a historical point, The Lodge of Faith No 581 is the Oldest Lodge meeting at Stanley House having been consecrated on the 23rd of May, 1851 in Openshaw. This was at the time that Prince Alberts Great Exhibition was opened and the famine was raging in Ireland. We were also represented on the committee for the founding of Bridge Street and had several exalted members including Richard Peacock, the noted railway engineer based in Gorton.