The picture shows the WM Bro Garry Chadderton, (centre) the IPM WBro Godfrey Lawrence (1st on Left )
the Senior Warden Bro Andrij Korolczuk (far right) and the Junior Warden Bro Alexsander Capewell (2nd from Left )
of Naphtali Lodge together with WBro Ian Clark SLGR  (2nd from Right ) WBro Kevin Saunders LGR.  (3rd from Right)
WBro Mike Baker PAGDC (3rd from Left )

“Talking Heads – The Next Step: Into the Royal Arch”
a presentation by members of the
Metropolitan Grand Chapter

After opening their regular meeting on Thursday 7th April, the Lodge of Naphtali were delighted to receive VWBro Derek Thornhill, JP, PGSwdB, Dep PGM together with other principal officers of the Province including: WBro Peter G Hewitt, APGM,  WBro Chris Welton, APGM, WBro John Pearson, APGM, EComp Paul MA Rose, PAGSoj, DepGSupt, EComp David H Thompson, PAGSoj, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal,  EComp WBro Donald Pryce, Past 3rd ProvGPrincipal,  EComp Len Hayes, APGP,  EComp Paul Aspinall, APGP,  EComp David Basger, APGP and WBro Martin Paul Roche, PSGD, PAPGM, ProvGSec

The main item of business for the evening was introduced by VWBro Ian Currans, PGSwdB, Asst Metropolitan Grand Master. Bro Currans explained that the Presentation entitled  ” Talking Heads – the next step into the Royal Arch, was specifically aimed at non-Royal Arch Masons and also those Companions who have left the Order but may be interested in rejoining. He went on to explain that this educational initiative is a key element within the “Initiation to Exaltation” Masonic journey and had so far been presented over 140 times throughout England. It introduces the Holy Royal Arch (or Chapter) to new Master Masons or indeed re-introduces the Order to Craft Masons who might have been members, but who found it difficult to understand and had lapsed, or those for whom it simply did not “click”.

“Talking Heads” is presented as a short playlet of an encounter between two craft lodge members; one an experienced Past Master (and Royal Arch Companion) WBro Ian Clark, SLGR, and the other a Master Mason WBro Mike Baker, PAGDC, curious to know more. It covers the history of the Order, explanations of the regalia, links to the Craft, why the Royal Arch is the climax and completion of pure Ancient Freemasonry, the time and financial commitments involved in being a member, how to discover more and how to find a Chapter to join.  It also covers questions ranging from idle curiosity “why is it a separate Order?” to more personal speculations such as “what is the Master Mason in the 21st century missing by not being a member of the Royal Arch?” The presentation itself was narrated by WBro Kevin Saunders, LGR.

This special meeting was attended by over 100 East Lancashire Masons and it is hoped that it will inspire non-members of the Royal Arch to seriously consider joining the order and in so doing progress their own personal Masonic journey.

The montage shows three pictures taken at the Social Board.