As the new year is well underway, the spirit of giving and community support remains unwavering for the Manchester Masons from the City West Area. Ian MacNeill, City West Area Charity Steward, and Eric Baker, his Deputy, have kicked off the year with impactful charitable contributions.

In a recent series of initiatives, Ian and Eric spearheaded efforts to extend a helping hand to those in need within the local community. Their endeavours began with a visit to Salford Women’s Aid, where they delivered a donation comprising of £300 worth of toiletries and food. This gesture was aimed at providing essential support to the children and mothers residing in the organisation’s two homes. Dawn Renshaw, Operations Director of Salford Women’s Aid, gratefully accepted the contribution, emphasising the significant difference it would make in the lives of those it serves.

Continuing their mission, Ian and Eric then turned their attention to the Salford Food Bank. Here, they presented a combined donation of £600 worth of toiletries and £400 worth of food to Paul, the Assistant Manager of the food bank. This substantial contribution is poised to provide vital sustenance to individuals and families facing food insecurity in the Salford area, offering a beacon of hope during challenging times.

Instead of adhering to traditional seasonal giving during Christmas, the Manchester Masons chose to extend their support during a period when charities often experience a decline in donations—the beginning of the new year. Recognising this trend, Ian and Eric seized the opportunity to bridge the gap and provide much-needed assistance precisely when it is needed most.