The Audenshaw District Masters’ and First Principals’ annual Dinner was held at Stanley House on Saturday 20th May.
It was hosted by the District Chairman, Gerry Hodson, with the principal guests being the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, John Pearson and the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, Eddie Barlow accompanied by their wives. Around 60 brethren and their guests enjoyed good food and excellent company.
The Honoured guest was the Audenshaw District Fellowship Chairman, Donald Roberts, who first congratulated all members who have been awarded the highest honour that a lodge or chapter can bestow, whether it is for the first time, or having been recycled. He then spoke about the myth around ritual that distinguishes us from other charities. These rituals, which are a series of short plays, bring us together and enable us to work as a team making good men better.
He encouraged everyone who was present, brethren and ladies, to act as ambassadors for our order, informing others, both family and friends of our good works, remembering that we are the second largest donors to charity outside the National Lottery. All the money donated is collected in house at Lodges and Chapters, social boards and other happy functions, whether in Masonic Halls or at home, through events organised by willing members and their partners. You are the people who matter in this our tercentenary year.
He also mentioned that as Masters and First Principals we are following in the footsteps of many great men, who during the past 300 years have graced masonry with their membership.
All these great men started, as we have, being initiated in to Freemasonry, several of them becoming masters of their lodges and all setting the high standards which we should hope to emulate. With the continued support of our wives we can be confident that we will be able to do so.
Gerry Hodson thanked all the people who had made the evening a success, in particular Michael Porter, for pulling the evening together.