The Provincial Grand Mentor

The Provincial Grand Mentor in the Craft and Royal Arch is WBro Robert Ashton. He takes total responsibility for developing the policies and strategies of the respective Offices and is answerable to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Deputy Grand Superintendent respectively.

PGLEL Craft Mentoring Policy

The Purpose

The purpose of the PGLEL Mentoring Programme is to ensure that every Mason enjoys his membership, understands Freemasonry and is supported in becoming involved in the work of the Lodge and encouraged to enjoy its activities.


  • To ensure the continuity and promote the growth of Freemasonry in general and specifically in the Province of East Lancashire
  • To address the need for Retention and to support Recruitment and Retrieval (3Rs)
  • To create a sense of belonging, understanding & involvement – for all Brethren
  • To ensure the Craft is an enjoyable and fulfilling place to be and that Brethren are well able to communicate this to others with confidence and enthusiasm (ie become Ambassadors)

Like all successful organisations the Province and Freemasonry itself must strive for continuous improvement in our people and processes. Mentoring is no exception. To this end the Province has formally documented its Mentoring Policy in order to provide clarity of purpose for the Brethren involved … and that includes all Brethren in the Province.The newly developed Mentoring processes will be delivered and facilitated by the Provincial Grand Mentor at a Provincial level and provided locally by Lodge Mentors, with the support of their District Mentors. The objective is to take what is best of the existing PGLEL Mentoring scheme and expertise and where appropriate, extend its delivery to Brethren by the use of an assigned Mentor, who will be co-ordinated and supported by the traditional Lodge Mentor. This, combined with a more consistent approach to delivery and higher visibility of the mentoring process itself, is anticipated to re-enforce that which is already in the DNA of all Brethren – simply being a good Brother and Freemason. As we have all heard many times in the ‘Address to the Brethren during the Ceremony of Installation: “I, therefore, trust that we should have but one aim in view ……To please each other and unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness”